Terms and conditions

We exist as a world's largest massage directory and excellent online booking system having a valid number, VAT number, and address. This page has been designed in order to make you aware about terms & condition.

  • It is a world's largest massage directory, which has been carved out to bring Massage service providers and seekers both at the same place. After being registered at Saloonandspa, it becomes easy for the massage service providers to come in the contact with the potential customers. It is pretty much easy for Massage seekers to book his/her appointment on the basis of information provided by Massage service providers.
  • When users come at this platform, they are stepping in a direct contract with the Massage service provider.
  • To put in other words, it is called a mutual agreement in which Saloonandspa plays a crucial role for seekers and providers both. It is required from the massage seekers side that the given information must be accurate, true and correct. Massage service provider informs the seeker about his/her booking, new deals/offers taking the help of this given information. The massage seeker is allowed to cancel his/her booking but needs to follow the certain procedure or informing the massage service provider in prior.
  • It is required to reach in plenty of time as well as having a copy of the email booking confirmation. If seeker wishes to add any changes in his/her schedule, it is required to conduct an appointment with the massage service provider. If there is any change in schedule, then both parties are responsible to inform each other in advance to not-to-meet any unpleasant situation.
  • If massage seekers do not inform the massage service provider that they are not available to take the service, seekers will be charged. Since massage seekers are in direct contact with the provider, they are allowed to ask for any query regarding booking, timing or menu to remove the confusion.
  • All database rights, trade marks, copyright, intellectual property rights etc., will remain our property or the property of our licensors.
  • Being a world's largest massage directory and excellent online booking system, we adhere to maintain the highest standards of security. We are committed to trying our best in order to ensure the security of your data transmitted through our service. But we cannot take guarantee of it as there are a number of ways to steal the important information. In this connection, massage seekers also need to pay a close eye that what they should share and what not. Avoid sharing that is very personal.
  • At this platform, we hold all right regarding any updates and deletion of the information. All sorts of cases will come under the Indian law if the seekers or providers have any issue or claim to arise from or related to the use of the service. Whether you are a seeker or provider having any issue regarding service, offer/deals etc, you may contact us. We love to hear from your side and do not leave any stone unturned to cater you the best.