Pain Killers on Back Pain and Other Body Aches: A Cheap Fix OR Ruining Your Health?
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Having a body pain nowadays is not a big deal. Millions today are working on a day to day regular jobs and most of them suffer from body pains at some point of their lives. And they use pain killers easily to avoid further problems due to these back pains. But does it really help? Let us find out in detail.

Pain Killers on Body Pains

This is the most common type of body ache a man faces. Back pain happens due to certain reasons like long working hours, sitting in same posture for hours etc. etc. and many of us prefer paracetamol, morphine, tramadol while back pains. Paracetamol is one of the most common pain killers out there because it is cost effective and it has similar effect on all sort of body pains. However, the truth here is little different when it comes to lower back pain. Studies were conducted to see how effective Paracetamol or any other placebo pill work on lower back pain. These medicines does show a positive effect but being cheaper at the beginning, it costs a person much more afterwards.

There was a study conducted by PACE taking in consideration 1600 participants having lower back pains and they randomly gave them paracetamol or any other pill for 4 weeks maximum until they recover. Furthermore, all the participants were told to be active in day hours and avoid bed as much as possible before night. The pain was gone after 4 weeks but study was actually for the period after they stop taking pills. After 12 weeks from whole scenario, they were again suffering from same problem. There were no differences at all in their lower back pains whatsoever. Now the average cost per participant was calculated around $130 or around 8000 INR at an average for 12 weeks on pain killers. This might not be much for few people on a course of 12 weeks or 3 months but for most of the regular workers, it is worth one-month grocery shopping spent just on a lower back pain.

Other than that, painkillers are addictive. And you cannot resist taking them once you are onto them.

Dizziness, nausea, unconsciousness, confusion, constipation, vomiting are some of the many side effects of regular painkillers. But it is never too late to quit them and ask for help. Everyone wants a life without medicines but every time you leave these meds, you end up having body aches again. So here we are with 5 natural ways to

5 Natural Effective Ways to Eliminate Back Pain

1. Releasing Inner Endorphins

Your body releases a hormone called endorphins. What’s interesting is that they can be as effective as any pain reducing medicine. Endorphins are helpful in blocking pain signals to your body and they help in alleviating anxiety, depression, stress and anything that is related to chronic pain. You can try aerobic exercises, many massage therapies and a simple meditation in order to release endorphins that are also known as feel good hormones.

2. Enough Restorative Sleep

Among so many side effects of body pains, insomnia is one very common one. Not getting enough sleep is common in 2 out of 3 people suffering from chronic back pains etc. A sleep disorder is usually parallel to body pains. If one increases, the other one do the same. That means, if you avoid sleeping that much, you will just end up making your back pain worse than ever. Similarly, getting enough sleep can help you reduce body pain effectively. Check out for good conditions and sleep whenever you feel a little sleepy to help you get over the back pains and other body aches.

3. Exercise

Your muscles in abs and back are significant for your lower back. During a normal work schedule, these are among the most common muscles not getting any workout. So while having a workout in the morning, these muscles should be targeted specifically. There are simple exercises available to focus on your core part. Sparing 20 to 30 minutes a day will do enough to keep your back pain away. One very common thing you can do for 30 minutes a day just for these muscles is using exercise ball as a chair and sitting upright on it and doing nothing else.

4. Cold or Hot Packs on Pain

You always look for big things but underestimate the simple ones just because they look too simple for your deep pain. And, this is not the exact truth. Applying cold and hot packs has always helped reducing back pains and other body aches.

What Cold Therapy Brings:

  • Effective inflammation reduction. And many back pains are because of inflammation.
  • You can slow down nerve impulse that works as a local anesthetic. The nerves stop spasming and cause of pain is no longer there. 

What Heat Therapy Brings:

  • By stimulating blood flow through hot packs, you can send all the healing nutrients to the lower back.
  • Hot Therapy is very useful in preventing pain messages sent to brain.

Heat can be taken in several ways. So, to know which one is best for you, try every single one. Taking a hot bath, using heat pad, soaking yourself in a hot water tub, heat wraps, hot water bottles, low level heating therapies, and many more are there to choose from.

5. Stretching Hamstrings

Tight hamstrings are never going to help you with lower back pain. The hamstrings that are placed on the back side of your thighs need to be loose. Having too tight hamstring muscles leads to a stressed sacroiliac joint, which further leads to more severe pain. With many gentle stretching exercises available, you should do hamstring stretching twice per day. Over that, you should, no exercise hurts you on any part of the body.

Conclusion: Overall, having medications for anything has never been a good idea. And you certainly want to stay more fit and fine, rather than someone living on medications. Even after having hectic schedule everyday, you can still fight the backaches and other body aches easily by keeping an engaged mind and using these remedies.